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Dismissal Procedures

We highlight the main principles involved in the dismissal of employees including some common mistakes that employers make. There have been many changes to employment law and regulations in the last few years. A key area is the freedom or lack of freedom to dismiss an employee. An employee’s employment can be terminated at any […]

HMRC’s top tips to stay safe online

HMRC’s Tax Agent Blog provides a useful reminder of how you can play your part in keeping your data secure online by using a strong password. Use strong and separate passwords don’t use the same password over multiple systems choose something that’s not easy to guess; such as three random words or a combination of […]

Age Discrimination

Employers need to ensure they have the appropriate policies and procedures in place to deal with age discrimination and should raise awareness of it so that acts of discrimination on the grounds of age can be prevented. The Equality Act 2010 replaces all previous equality legislation, including the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006. The Equality […]