PAYSLIP CALCULATOR for calculating your payroll

This online payslip calculator performs detailed calculations for payslips from annually, monthly and down to hourly.

UK income tax is made up of bands of allowance. A certain amount of pay is free of income tax – this amount varies but you can generally tell by adding a zero to your tax code. So if your tax code is 1150L, your tax free amount is £11500. From this point up to the next threshold (the Basic Rate of Tax), 20% of your income is taken as income tax. This band goes up to £32,000. There are two more bandings above this as of 2014 – Higher Rate which is 40% tax from £32,000 to £150,000 – and Additional Rate which is 45% on anything above £150,000.

THESE FIGURES ARE APPROXIMATE – The HMRC makes slight changes to the thresholds and personal circumstances can effect them. So they’re given here just as a simplification. The current rates can be found on HMRC’s website at Income Tax rates and allowances.

It wouldn’t be fair to give you all your tax free allowance in the first few months of the year, then tax you more as the year goes on. So PAYE uses a slightly more complex calculation to spread all the tax bands across the year based on what they know of your potential earnings. Each time you get paid, the calculation slightly adjusts your income tax to make it all as evenly spread as possible. That’s where it helps to have an Online Tax Calculator to help predict what one particular period’s net pay (the amount that transfers to your bank) is going to be!

Enter an income figure below and click the + symbol to add it to the calculator, then click Calculate Now. If relevant, you can enter multiple incomes. For a more accurate calculation, click the link that appears after you click Calculate Now, to take you to The form accepts various pieces of information that impact your net income – the more accurate information you enter, the closer the figure will be to your actual net pay. Don’t forget to click BACK to come back to!

TAX Bands

Tax Free Allowance: £0 - £11,000
Basic Rate: £11,001 - £32,000
Higher Rate: £32,001 - £150,000
Additional Rate: 45% over £150,000

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